Tuesday, April 5, 2016

There Carsen Grows! {5 Months}

My sweet girl turned 5 months old on Saturday!

Favorite things:

-Chewing on Sophie the giraffe. I couldn't understand why in the world this giraffe was $25, but someone got it for us and she loves it! I think the entertainment might just be worth the money!

-Daddy flying her around the house like an airplane. She holds her arms out and it's the most precious thing ever.

-Crinkly books.

-Bath time.

-Her toes!

-Going on walks.


-Started eating rice cereal about a week shy of 5 months. She has gotten much better at using the spoon in just one week's time.

-Reaching for things. Whether its her toys or something we are holding and moving around, she's following everything with her eyes and has started reaching for them.

-She has become much more aware. She knows when we are making her bottle and gets quite impatient once she sees it!

-Her hair is growing and her little bald spot in the back is starting to fill in.


She is still a good sleeper (cue the angels singing hallelujah!). Sometimes, she will wake during the night and we'll have to put the paci in, but she mostly sleeps through the night. I don't take this for granted at all! I am so nervous that some day, baby #2 won't be a sleeper and it scares me to death. I keep waiting for a late 4 month sleep regression every night. I'm not getting too excited that we might have skipped it and jinxing myself! But I would be super thankful if we did.


-Diapers - Size 2

-Clothes - 3-6 Months

Random thoughts:

I'm already getting to the place where I don't even remember life before Carsen! She's so much fun and bring Jake and I so much joy. I love seeing other people love on her and seeing her make other people smile. Looking back at pictures from when she was a newborn, I can't believe she was that tiny such a short time ago and I miss those days, but I'm enjoying every new thing she does. Playing with her and seeing her smile and laugh is the highlight of our days! Love that sweet little girl so much!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy April Fools Day! I hope I'll be seeing some great pranks online today, but not be the recipient of any! Fingers crossed!

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? It's looking like a lot of rain here, so there's a good chance our plans will be cancelled. :( I guess I could use some of that time to get started on my April goals, specifically that spring cleaning list on my fridge!
It's time for another week of Friday Favorites with Erika, Narci and Andrea! Here are my favorites since last Friday!

I had such a great time having lunch with these friends! They're always good for sooooo many laughs! I do think we should have had special prayer for our poor server. The place was packed since it was spring break and Good Friday and she was so frazzled. :(

I think we can all agree that anytime you can snag one of these, it's going to be a good day!

I love so much about this picture! That cheesy grin, enjoying her first Easter, and of course I love her!

Mondays are my day off and I love spending it relaxing at home as much as possible! I had to snap this pic because I take pictures of everything Carsen does and she was using the armrest like a big girl! Side note: did you know iCloud storage is super cheap ($1/month!) and allows you to store more pictures on your phone?! Yes, please!

Apparently this outfit is a favorite, since we were all three wearing it!

Sometimes dinner and a bath will wear you out! She's never fallen asleep on her side before. Not to mention, she was snoring in this picture! When you're done, you're done.

These two. They can always make me smile and are definitely my favorites. :)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Monthly Goals {April}

One of my favorite bloggers, Mix and Match Mama, started doing a monthly post with a few goals she hoped to accomplish that month. I have been wanting to be more intentional about setting goals, so I'm going to start making monthly ones. I'm hoping that by writing them down and even sharing them here, it'll help me to stick with them!

First up, April goals:

1. Finish spring cleaning - I have had a list of spring cleaning items on the fridge for about a month now. My goal is to finish my items on the list. Mini-goal - convince Jake to finish his items on the list even though we are mid-turkey season. ;) Wish me luck!

2. Finish "Fervent" - I have a bad habit of getting into really good books, but even though I love them when I pick them up, I take forever to finish them, or don't finish them at all. Fervent is SO good, and I need to finish it! I want to get into reading more and I know if I would spend half as much time on social media, I'd have plenty of hours to devote to reading. Please make me feel better and tell me I'm not the only one!

3. Invite someone over for dinner - This doesn't sound too hard, but when you have busy nights, it's tempting to enjoy every night you have at home just relaxing. I'd like to invite a couple or a friend's family over for dinner one night. Hopefully games can be involved?!

4. Start using my prayer journal - I bought one of these prayer journals from Val Marie Paper:

I want to be more intentional about praying for the requests of my friends and family. I think it'll be great to keep track in this prayer journal. The best part will be to look back and see answered prayers and use it to encourage myself on those days where I am feeling that God is distant. Little reminders of His faithfulness go a long way. :)

What are your goals for April? Do you make goals? How do you keep track of them? Let's talk in the comments!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

On the last Wednesday of every month, I'll join some of my favorite bloggers for What's Up Wednesday!

Here is the question lineup!

1. What we're eating this week...

Monday - Cajun chicken strips, okra and rice.
Tuesday - I made a roast in the crock pot. I included carrots for Jake, but I absolutely hate carrots. I try them every once in a while to see if my taste buds have changed, but 25 years and counting and I still don't like carrots. We had mashed potatoes and peas. 
Wednesdays are usually out because I don't go home before church, so I'd rather spend that time with Jake and Carsen grabbing a bite to eat. 
Thursday - I'm trying this:

I'm going to throw the chicken in the crock pot tomorrow morning and I'll put the flatbread together once I get home and then bake it. Sounds yummy to me! I'll let you know how it is! 
Friday - Our church's Girl's Night Out (holla!), so I'll be going to a Japanese Steakhouse with the girls!

2. What I'm reminiscing about...

Normally, I find the posts like "share this if you have a daughter/son that you love" pretty cheesy, but my dad put up this super sweet post a few days ago and it brought tears to my eyes. It definitely gave me some good times to reminisce about.

"When I saw this I was immediately taken back in time.  Alexis, when I travelled through the years, I can only think of our times together. Catching fish at Chicken Hugheys ponds and all of those piranhas as you called them. Actually speckled perch. Us singing Jeremiah Was a Bull Frog on the way to work. Building your school science project. You being a cheerleader and playing softball for the Cowgirls. Remembering the pictures of Tom walking you across the football field for MCHS homecoming and the look on your face when Ben Killingsworth gave you his cell phone and you not knowing it was me. Thanks to Martin Gudz for capturing that special moment. There I was talking with you on your special night as MCHS Homecoming Queen all the way from Afghanistan. It didn't stop there, Your graduation from high school, University of Florida and even more. And, Now as I see a beautiful young woman who now has her own daughter I can see how God has truly blessed me. 

Alexis I Love You. You are such an awesome young woman whose abilities are unlimited. I pray God's many blessings on you, Jake and Carsen. 

3. What I'm loving...
I'm LOVING my new Beco Gemini carrier! It's so comfortable and I used it a ton this weekend from egg hunts to grocery shopping. This is the pattern I chose:

4. What we've been up to...
Enjoying this sweet girl! Last night before dinner, Jake was flying her around like an airplane as she held her arms out. It was the cutest thing!

5. What I'm dreading...

April Fool's Day...please no pranks. I always get nervous to be tricked!

6. What I'm working on...
Our church has been launching a new website and I'm still working on getting it perfect. At home, I'm working on teaching my girl how to eat from a spoon. Who knew it could be so hard?!

7. What I'm excited about...

Can I say lunch? Lunch is my jam.

8. What I'm watching/reading...
This is one of my favorite questions. I'm an entertainment enthusiast. I have been thinking about doing a whole post dedicated to this, so I'll give you the short answer. I have to stay caught up on these three shows:

I don't even want to talk about last week's episode. I'm still sad. :(

I'm still in the process of reading this book. It's so so good! I need to buckle down and get better at spending time reading.

9. What I'm listening to...

I listen to a lot of worship music and all of the best groups just came out with new albums, so they're pretty much on shuffle nonstop. Here are my favorites:

10. What I'm wearing...

My style is pretty simple. I've been wearing these converse so much. They're one of my favorites and go with so much.

11. What I'm doing this weekend...

We participate in Relay for Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, so I'll be spending a few hours there. As I mentioned before, Friday is girl's night out, so that night will be spent at dinner with the girls!

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...

Good weather! Hopefully not too many rainy days even though it's April.

13. What else is new...

Not a whole lot is new around here!

14. What's my best spring cleaning tip...
Every month they add one question to the list. My tip is to PURGE! I love to get rid of things! There's nothing like seeing an organized closet and drawers with perfectly stacked clothes! 

Happy Wednesday! :) Today is our busiest day of the week, but still one of the best days!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekend Recap - Easter Edition

Easter has become one of my favorite holidays. I love celebrating the reason that we all are able to have eternal life. Being on staff at a church, it's a busy, but very exciting time of year. I love everything about it. The egg hunts, big crowds at church, Easter outfits, and most of all, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

I took Friday off since Carsen's school was closed for Good Friday. We went shopping to finish putting together Easter outfits. Obviously, I had her dress forever ago, but waited until the last minute to get mine and Jake's together. I publicly make the declaration that I will not wait until the last minute to do this next year. She does great running errands and being out and about all day, but I want to be able to soak up every minute of this time with Carsen creating traditions. And not traditions like running around crazy at the last minute to find Easter outfits. #guilty

It was a fun day together, but it would be a lot less stressful if I had done it earlier. I want to have time to color eggs and do all those fun things with her! Someone hold me to my word next year!

Miss Carsen was looking super cute in her Easter shirt for the Easter EGGstravaganza! Thanks, TK, for making such a cute shirt!

These two. I die. They're going to be the cutest little friends growing up. Despite the rain, so many people still came out for the egg hunt. We all made it and the skies cleared up right as it was ending. Everyone seemed to have a great time! I didn't want to play 15,000 egg pickup, so I'm glad the egg hunt was a go. :)

After having to run back to the mall to grab a few things for my outfit and Jake's outfit Saturday after the EGGstravaganza and worship practice (remember, I'm not waiting until the last minute again next year), this is the outfit I ended up with. Being the high-quality fashion blogger that I am (not!), I present to you an awesome selfie iPhone pic. ;) I found the dress at Belk, necklace at Charming Charlie's and wedges from Target (last year).

This was my first time shopping at Charming Charlie's and I think I might become a regular. Super cute jewelry!

My whole world in one picture! Might I add, it took two, yes TWO, shots to get this picture. Smiley baby for the win! We had three great services at church! It's so much fun leading worship to a crowd full of energy and excitement to celebrate our risen Savior!

Love my sweet, sweet girl! She's just so much fun! I always tell people I miss her being tiny, but I enjoy everything she does as she grows and learns new things!

Speaking of learning new things...we tried rice cereal for the first time for dinner on Easter!

Poor girl was not a fan! It was super runny to get her used to a spoon, so that didn't help. It was everywhere! She went straight to take a bath, and since that's the happiest place on Earth in her opinion, I finished feeding her there. She had had enough in the high chair. She finished the bowl like a champ in the bathtub!

No better way to end Easter than relaxing and watching TV with these two. Side note...I did all of that hard work, and she looks nothing like me! #twins

I hope you had a great weekend celebrating Easter! He is risen!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

On Fridays, I'm going to link up with some of my favorite bloggers to follow, Erika, Andrea and Narci, for Friday Favorites!

I'll be listing some of my favorite things from the week or from life in general.

I have so enjoyed starting this blog back up! A favorite thing from this week, for sure! I'm not going to lie, it's a lot of work, but I love writing and having the chance to share and interact with everyone about the simple things in life. Also, like I have mentioned before, I know I'll love looking back on it one day. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I love seeing comments, too, so thank you for those sweet comments!

Today is Good Friday, so Carsen's school is closed. Although I'll still be doing some work, being able to take the day off to spend with her is a FAVORITE of mine! I have to get a lot of things done, but errands are even more fun with my tiny in tow!

I'm loving this scent from Bath and Body Works! I have it in a wallflower and candle. I have to get more of these wallflower refills since it's a new favorite, for sure. Just curious, what are your favorite scents that are at Bath and Body Works right now? This one and "A Thousand Wishes" (even though it's from Christmas) are my favorite wallflower scents. When I was pregnant, the wallflower scents we had were driving me crazy. What used to be my favorite smelled horrible to me! I told Jake we were going to have to sell our house if I couldn't get rid of the smell! Ha!

I guess one downfall to writing a blog post close to midnight is not being able to think 100% clearly. You better believe I got a text from my Mama when she saw that I left out so many fun Easter traditions! I can't believe I forgot to include my absolute FAVORITE Easter tradition. Mom would always do a scavenger egg hunt for me! Every egg had a clue and it would finally lead to the prize egg. She was always super creative when it came to those types of things. Maybe it's time I repay her for all the scavenger hunts she created over the years and send her on one!

It's Easter weekend! So much to be happy about! Although she won't be able to participate in everything, I'm excited to get to experience Carsen's first Easter! Most of all, I'm excited to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! His death may have been gruesome, but his resurrection was glorious and provided redemption for us all! It's the reason we can have life! The tomb is empty and He is Risen!

Hope y'all have an awesome Friday and a great Easter weekend!