Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make Me Aware

The past week something has been heavy on my heart. 

It all started last Wednesday night...

I was at the youth service where J and I volunteer as youth leaders. The youth pastor was telling a story of how he was on the other side of town to pick up his wife's car and decided to stop by a store while he was over there to grab a few things. Normally, he would go to the store that is closer to the side of town he lives on. As he was checking out, the cashier began to talk to him about different things and shared a story of her friend that passed away for a few moments but was revived. I'm sure you have heard stories where someone gets a small glimpse of the afterlife. The cashier stated that she wished something like that would happen to her so she could know whether or not what she had heard of the afterlife was true. Being in a rush, he gathered his items and left. On his way home he thought about the fact that no one was in line behind him, so there was no rush. The cashier was completely open to talking about this matter with him. This was the perfect opportunity for him to share his faith with her and remind her that God loves her and that what the Bible says really is true, but he missed it.

Thursday morning after hearing this story I was thinking and asking the Lord to give me opportunities to share my faith like the one the youth pastor had. Can you imagine the feeling of knowing something you said led a person to make the decision to follow Christ?

Now it's Friday morning and I'm on my way to work early. I'm not known for being early to things, but it's something I'm working on and that morning, I was on schedule to be early for work. I reached the end of my driveway and noticed that the kids had already been picked up by the bus for school. I thought to myself how early it was for them to have already been picked up but drove on. As I'm driving, I see two girls walking on the sidewalk in their school uniforms. They had obviously missed the bus. I pulled over and asked them if they wanted a ride to school. I guess I didn't look too threatening because they took the ride. I made small talk with them on the way to school about a big test coming up, but nothing serious. After I dropped them off and pulled out of the school drive it hit me: That would have been a perfect opportunity to witness to those girls. Even if it was saying a simple prayer for them as they were preparing to take the their test soon. The opportunity was there, but I missed it.

Then comes Sunday morning and the Pastor begins a new series called Occupy. He was speaking about how we should let the Lord occupy our life and our heart. He also spoke about how we shouldn't just occupy a chair every Sunday morning and go through the motions every day. There are plenty of people headed down the wrong path and we should be a huge roadblock standing in their way.

I don't know about you, but I want to be a roadblock. I don't want to miss any more opportunities. 

My prayer is that the Lord will provide these opportunities for me and make me aware of them. Let me know when it's the right time to say something. I pray that He will give me boldness to speak whatever words He wants me to say.


  1. What an amazing little testimony! Good one, Alexis, it hit me right in the gut!! I, also, want to be a roadblock! Although we don't live near one another I pledge to walk with you, as a fellow follower of Christ, on a roadblocking journey! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! We have been talking about the same subject at my church, and I have been so convicted at how many times I have let a moment pass by when I could have shared my faith. Thank you for encouraging me :)


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