Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No More Chores

Growing up, I remember the time our Children's Ministry did a "Read-a-thon". In case you've never heard of that, it was a fundraiser in which people would sponsor you an amount of money for every verse, chapter or book of the Bible that you read. Those pennies per verse would have you blazing through your Bible faster than possible to comprehend. What a chore it would have been to actually take the time to read those pages word for word and soak every bit of it in to earn those pennies.

Part of me is scared that I am just realizing that I haven't grown out of the chore mentality of reading my Bible. A few times throughout my day, I do yearn to read those powerful scriptures given to us as a gift. But just as quick as the desire comes, it leaves, unfulfilled, and replaced by another task.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in our daily Christian duties of praying, reading the Bible, serving others, etc. Today, for me, it ends. I don't want to merely check these items off of my list. God's Word is a source of guidance, encouragement and love like no other. These are words that our Father specifically has given to us. But they aren't mere words, they are living and active words that can change the course of history when spoken. What a privilege it is to read them.

Today, I vow to give in to the yearning in my spirit to read those words. If it's at work, a short break to read through a few scriptures will suffice. But more than that, time has to be set aside to read the best love letter ever written to me. And to you. And to the world.

It will not be in vain. These scriptures come to mind during trying times. In my prayers. In my weakness. In my strength.

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  1. What you said about feeling that pull to read scriptures during the day but then getting distracted? That so resonates with me. I can feel the Spirit moving to set aside time to get the answers I need and NOW but something always comes up and I say I'll do it later...and it rarely happens. The enemy is a pro at distracting us from what really matters and knows that those words we need to read will change our life. Thank you for the encouragement to make this a priority and I pray for strength for you in this as well :)


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