Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spring, where art thou?

I realized something this morning. I have been refraining from blogging because I felt like I needed my blog to fit one type of category and I can't come up with a different post every day that all fits in one category! How silly is that? I have about a million thoughts running through my head at any moment, so who knows which thought will end up on this blog each day? I have to keep you all on your toes, so that should work nicely.

Today, as it is pouring down rain outside (bleh!), I am so ready for more spring days like we had on Monday! One of my favorite things about being a homeowner is decorating for the different seasons. This is the first Spring in our house that I will actually be able to decorate. Last year, we were getting settled at this time, so I was doing good to have the furniture where I wanted it in every room.

What type of decorations do you like for Spring? I would love some ideas! Comment and leave a link to your Pinterest profile if you like to pin home decor items. Those are some of my favorite to see!

Here is some decor from the Fall and Christmas season at our home.

Don't forget to share in the comments what types of Spring decor you use or which decorations are your favorite.

Happy Thursday!

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