Thursday, June 26, 2014

10 Things: You'll Never Hear Me Say

Jake and I are out of town, and I knew it would make you super sad to not have a blog post today. No one wants sad blog readers, so I decided I'd schedule a post for your reading enjoyment.

I love lists, so I've decided I'll start a "10 Things" post series. Whenever I feel like making a list, a "10 Things" post will be perfect for it. 

So here you go, installment number one of "10 Things". 

1. "I have enough nail polish, one more bottle isn't necessary."

2. "I am a very light packer. I'll just need a small duffel bag."

3. "It only takes me about 15 minutes to get ready."

4. "That's enough Luke Bryan, let's listen to something else."

5. "Ice cream? No thanks."

6. "Let's move somewhere cold and cloudy. I'm sick of this sunny weather."

7. "White Chicks is the lamest movie ever made!"

8. "I'm going to get up extra early tomorrow just for the fun of it!"

9. "No, Jake, I don't want to go shopping, I have plenty of things to wear!"

10. "I really wish I were a Seminole fan." (Geez, that was even hard to type!"

What is something you would never get caught saying? Share in the comments!

Happy Thursday!


  1. "No Honey, we don't need to go out to eat tonight..." once he offers to go out to eat, I'm like "okay, where?"
    Love this! should be a linkup!~

  2. You'll never hear me say..
    "I hate cake"
    "No, I don't need to buy anything at Sephora"
    or "lets have another baby" haha

    Thanks for leaving your blog on my facebook! You seem so fun :)

    Glam Hungry Mom 


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