Tuesday, June 24, 2014

House Haul

Yesterday, I got the itch that it was time for a home decoration haul. So many of our walls are empty, and I'm ready for it to feel a little more home-y.

We got an awesome deal on our house, but there was one tiny huge thing that wasn't finished. It's not something that guests would notice unless they were inspecting the home, but, the previous homeowner, who built the house himself, didn't finish hardly any of the trim. This means no caulking, no painting, nothing on any of the baseboards, crown molding, window trim, etc. My father-in-law and Jake have painted some of it, but we are ready for it to all be caulked and finished.

Also, the walls need to be repainted. We had to touch some places up, but you can see where the paint doesn't match up perfectly. We just realize since this is a place we will be living for a long time, we would like it all done the right way.

So, yes, I have the itch for a decoration haul, BUT, and that's a HUGE BUT, I want the trim and painting done as we decorate each room. Jake and I priced painting for the house and it'll definitely be worth it if we can do it ourselves. This is going to be very time consuming, but hopefully, we can finish it all and still be happily married when it's done. ;) I kid.

Have you ever taken on a big project at home? How did it go? Any advice on painting and finishing our trim? We will take all the advice we can get!

For now, I'll share some of my office decoration inspiration. We will probably start with the office, because most of the trim is finished in that room, since we have painted it once already, so it'll be the easiest to finish. We have to paint the office because Jake and I have compromised, and that is where we will be hanging his deer head on the wall. Fun, right?! I can work a rustic office with a deer head on the wall!

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