Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recent Obsession {Sunglasses}

I go through phases in my life where I become a little obsessed with certain accessories, clothing items, home decor, etc. I think I'll always be somewhat of a nail polish addict, but when the new collections look identical to a color I already have, I can't justify buying a new bottle.

Right now, I'm really into sunglasses. I have a few pair that I absolutely love, but I'm looking to get one more pair.

Jake and I love getting our sunglasses from a store called Rainbow Shades. They seriously have the best deals of any sunglasses store we've ever been to! The employees there are so helpful. They were great about working with me and offering suggestions if I was having a hard time deciding. I didn't feel rushed at all, which was awesome, since that is a pet peeve of mine! If I'm spending good money on a pair of sunglasses, I want to make sure it's the perfect pair for me.

This is a great pair for Summer. The stock photo on the website isn't a very good depiction of what they actually look like, so I found a different one to give you a better idea.

I've already worn them a ton so far this Summer. On vacation...

On the way to work...(Everyone loves a good selfie every now and then!)

A day at the springs...

You get the gist of it, I love these sunnies!

I wanted a neutral pair that would go with a lot of different outfits, so a classic was in order.

These don't need much of an explanation. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are definitely an accessory staple that is worth every penny! It is guaranteed to be in style for years.

Here I am wearing them on the way to the beach for the day...

And at Salt Life Food Shack for lunch on vacation... (I highly recommend that restaurant, it's so good!)

I was looking for a pair that would match my outfits when wearing mostly black, or black with silver accessories. After taking FOREVER in the store to decide, I ended up with this pair.

They have also become my go-to pair for running because of the grips on the arms. Most other sunglasses slide down my nose, but these are awesome about staying put and are very comfortable. I have dressed them up a few times, but mostly wear them when I'm being active.

Like riding bikes on vacation...


Getting a sno-cone after fishing...

And running...

I have been wanting to add one more pair to my collection. Here are some that I'm deciding between.

Which pair is do you like best? What accessory or item do you find yourself wanting just one more of?

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