Wednesday, June 25, 2014

That Time I Got Fired

College jobs...gotta love 'em.

Mine happened to be at Hollister. Yes, the store that smells up your entire mall. The store so dark, you really have no idea what you have just purchased until you get home.

The store with the music so loud, you can't hear yourself think.

When working the register, we had a tagline that we had to say to every customer. "Want California in a bottle?" was the tagline. Seriously. California was the new fragrance, and we had to ask every customer that question. No one could hear what we were saying and who speaks like that anyway?!

I would get scheduled for a whopping 8 hours a week.

Not to mention the rules about your appearance while working. No eyeliner, no product in your hair, only pink or red polish on your toes, only light pink or no polish on your nails, navy, white or gray Hollister shirt, only Hollister jeans or jeans with nothing on the pocket, only Hollister flip flops, Vans or Converse shoes, the list goes on and on and on.

I had to go in the bathroom and take my eye makeup off one time. They kept makeup remover wipes and fingernail polish remover stocked in the employee bathroom.

At the end of the semester, all of the employees would turn in their leave time for the holidays and I forgot to do it on the computer, so I told the manager and she said all was good. It was covered.

I got engaged over Christmas break and knew I needed to find a different job that I could actually make some money at, so when I got back, I went in the store to put in my two weeks. I logged in on the computer, only for it to say I had been terminated. Terminated. Such a harsh word! So I talked to the manager and she said "Oh, I guess you got fired since you didn't show up for your shifts over Christmas break." To which I replied, "Oh well, I was just about to quit anyway."

How much does that sound like a middle school breakup?! "I'm dumping you!" "Well, I was about to do the same thing!"

So that's the story about the time I got fired. Luckily, that wasn't a forecast for my future (so far!), and I've had a pretty good track record of not getting fired since then!

What was your job while in college? What's the lamest job you've ever had? Please share, this will be fun to hear!

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