Thursday, June 11, 2015

17 Weeks

17 Weeks:

Maternity clothes: Some maternity pants, still all regular shirts. 

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. Some days I'm dying to take a nap. Ready for that 20 week energy everyone talks about!

Medication: No meds! Occasional Tylenol for headaches.

Gender: GIRL! We will see if it stays that way at our next appointment. Doctor was 85% sure at our last appointment.

Food cravings: Still no cravings. Tried Moe's for the first time yesterday and it was pretty good! :) Definitely not an aversion anymore. Love being able to eat mostly normal again!

Food aversions: Currently, no aversions! Sushi isn't super appealing still, but that's fine. (I only eat cooked sushi, so no worries!)

Mood: Good moods!

Movement: Still not feeling movement yet. I find myself waiting for it when I'm still. This week, the cartilage is hardening to bone, so I'm hoping that means I'll start to feel little kicks soon.

Milestones: No particular milestones this week.

Best moments of the week: More people are starting to notice the baby bump. I am hoping that I'll look noticeably pregnant soon, instead of looking like I ate 17 cheeseburgers for lunch.

Things I'm looking forward to: Feeling the baby move and deciding on a nursery theme once we get the 100% on gender. I mean, you can never be 100%, but a gender confirmation will have me ready to decorate!

Things I'm praying about: Continued health of the baby and that God will equip Jake and I to be great parents.

Verses I've been dwelling on: "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you." Psalm 32:8

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  1. You look amazing and definitely can tell you're pregnant. Your baby bump is adorable!


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