Thursday, October 22, 2015

30-35 Weeks

30-35 Weeks:

Maternity clothes: Still going strong in the maternity clothes. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for when I can wear normal clothes again. I'm getting tired of the same old, same old.

Sleep: Weeks 30-34 were still pretty good sleeping, but I would say it was kind of downhill from 34 to 35. Having to get up to use the restroom more and this baby is getting heavy, so it's getting harder to get comfortable.

Gender: Still a girl! I ask every time we have an ultrasound just to make sure.

Food cravings: Pepsi Icee's! I'm 100% a Coca-Cola person, but our Kangaroo has Pepsi ice's instead of Coke. :/ They're still good, though!

Food aversions: No aversions.

Mood: There has definitely been some good and bad weeks in there. I shouldn't call them bad weeks, just weeks where I notice myself being on edge a little bit more than others.

Movement: Lots of movement! As she's getting bigger, especially during weeks 34 and 35, the movements are changing and getting so much stronger. I'm feeling body parts whether they're legs or arms or feet, I can't tell, but tons of movement! And I like it! :)

Milestones: Lots of milestones in these 5 weeks! We had both baby showers, the car seat came in, so we can officially take her home from the hospital now. We completed our child birthing classes, which I am SO glad we decided to take. I feel much more prepared. I don't think anyone can ever be 100% prepared, but I am much more prepared than I was pre-childbirth class!

Best moments of the week: I guess this should say weekS. Some of the best moments were those milestones. The baby showers and child birthing classes. I enjoyed going to them with Jake. He turns into a comedian at things like that, so his comments have me cracking up the entire time.

Things I'm looking forward to: Having this baby! And getting her nursery finished. I'm still not in a super rush to get it done, but I definitely have more of a pep in my step to finish it.

Verse I've been dwelling on: I know that God has big plans for Carsen, so lately I find myself plugging her name into Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for CARSEN, plans to prosper CARSEN and not to harm CARSEN, plans to give CARSEN hope and a future." <3

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