Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Well, Hello Again!

Since the craziness of becoming a mom has died down a little (yeah right, we know it'll never die down), I have really been wanting to get back into blogging. I would love to keep up with this little space on the Internet, and allow it to serve as somewhat of a scrapbook. I took the time to redesign the blog about three or four weeks ago, and now I'm ready to dive in! I know I'll enjoy having all of these moments recorded to look back on one day.

The last time I blogged was a "bumpdate", and a lot has happened since then. I no longer have a bump...more like a little leftover pooch. ;) I definitely want to write out Carsen's birth story, because that's something I never want to forget, but I'll save it for a post of its own. She is now 4.5 months old and Jake and I are having so much fun being parents. Obviously some moments are easier than others, but they are all shaping us into the parents and individuals God would have us to be. So blog, meet Carsen.

I know I'm biased, but she's just the cutest and sweetest thing ever. I already miss her being as tiny as she was in these pictures, but I enjoy every new stage that she reaches.

It feels so good to be blogging again, and I hope you'll stick around for this journey. You can expect a variety of posts, from posts about life or a favorite recipe to inspirational posts or something that has been on my heart. To make sure you don't miss a new post, you can sign up to receive posts to your email inbox over on the sidebar, follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Bloglovin'.

I hope you have an awesome Tuesday, friends!

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