Tuesday, April 5, 2016

There Carsen Grows! {5 Months}

My sweet girl turned 5 months old on Saturday!

Favorite things:

-Chewing on Sophie the giraffe. I couldn't understand why in the world this giraffe was $25, but someone got it for us and she loves it! I think the entertainment might just be worth the money!

-Daddy flying her around the house like an airplane. She holds her arms out and it's the most precious thing ever.

-Crinkly books.

-Bath time.

-Her toes!

-Going on walks.


-Started eating rice cereal about a week shy of 5 months. She has gotten much better at using the spoon in just one week's time.

-Reaching for things. Whether its her toys or something we are holding and moving around, she's following everything with her eyes and has started reaching for them.

-She has become much more aware. She knows when we are making her bottle and gets quite impatient once she sees it!

-Her hair is growing and her little bald spot in the back is starting to fill in.


She is still a good sleeper (cue the angels singing hallelujah!). Sometimes, she will wake during the night and we'll have to put the paci in, but she mostly sleeps through the night. I don't take this for granted at all! I am so nervous that some day, baby #2 won't be a sleeper and it scares me to death. I keep waiting for a late 4 month sleep regression every night. I'm not getting too excited that we might have skipped it and jinxing myself! But I would be super thankful if we did.


-Diapers - Size 2

-Clothes - 3-6 Months

Random thoughts:

I'm already getting to the place where I don't even remember life before Carsen! She's so much fun and bring Jake and I so much joy. I love seeing other people love on her and seeing her make other people smile. Looking back at pictures from when she was a newborn, I can't believe she was that tiny such a short time ago and I miss those days, but I'm enjoying every new thing she does. Playing with her and seeing her smile and laugh is the highlight of our days! Love that sweet little girl so much!

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